SING LIKE A STAR! Benefits of Online Voice Lessons

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The best teachers teach from the heart

by Camille Ohlin in Camille's Vytal Music Blog on Aug 26, 2019

Hi! I'm Camille Ohlin and music is my life!

When I teach voice it is always from the heart and I am an expert at teaching people how to sing like a star. I have been singing since I was a three-year-old. That's when I was already singing on commercials. It was so much fun to see myself singing on TV. It just came naturally.

I started taking voice lessons when I was five years old and I will never stop learning about teaching people to sing, how the body is your instrument, how to perform onstage with greater connection to the audience, how to analyze the vocal score and the list just keeps on growing as the music industry keeps evolving. It's important to stay current!

If you want to learn to sing like a star I would love to teach you and I invite you to see why my students can't stop singing...and smiling!

Music In Early Childhood Development

The importance of children singing shouldn't be underestimated. It helps children

* speak more clearly

*develop a larger, more varied vocabulary

*strengthen social and emotional skills

It has been proven that music intelligence is as important as logical and emotional intelligence, because music strengthens the connection between the body and the brain. It helps the young child overcome shyness and develop confidence.

Parents’ Important Role in Musical Education

I appreciate the role my parents played in my musical education. An important fact that has been proven in case studies that's widely accepted is that children do not express music in the same way as adults and that the years from birth to the age of six are the most important period for a child’s musical development.

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Online Voice Lessons

The major benefit of online singing lessons is that they can be conducted anywhere you've got a decent Internet connection. So, instead of having to worry about always driving to where you'd physically go for a lesson, you can do your lesson wherever you are.

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Do Online Voice Lessons Actually Work?

So, you are wondering if online voice lessons actually work. They work extremely well! Because of the internet and how it is is changing the way we live in so many ways we can access information anytime right at our fingertips using computers, smart phone or iPads and more people work from home and are using their computers.

Save time and money

You will save both time and money. Online lessons eliminate the need to commute, you save gas and reduce stress as well as time crunch anxiety. From taking college courses to taking singing lessons – it can all be accomplished easily and effectively on the World Wide Web.

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Every Facet of Singing Covered

Take advantage of online voice lessons and you have the advantage of taking private lessons while you and your coach are in different locations, but you are still connected by the internet. As your voice teacher I will ensure your instruction includes every aspect of singing and voical development.

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