Choosing the Right Piano Teacher

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

by Camille August 19, 2020

Piano Students...

Here are some tips on how to choose the right teacher for you and your family. The right teacher fits your needs and your style and will help you succeed. A piano lesson with

the right teacher is something you'll look forward to each week. She'll never break a commitment. She'll work with you. Together you'll start where you are, figure out where you want to go and how you want to get there. We all want to learn fast, learn excellent technique and to be able to feel great when we can play our music for friends and family.

Excellent Piano Teacher

The right piano teacher needs to make each lesson a successful adventure, and empower each student, and to inspire budding pianists to develop their own musicianship.

You want someone who will help you cultivate a love for playing the piano.

A great piano teacher is a mentor, a guide, a friend and a teacher.

The right piano teacher is patient and should make your lessons fun, relaxed, and instructive.

A friendly and warm teaching approach and a supportive, calm methodology makes learning productive. A teacher's creativity, personality, character and imagination are as important as her technical skill.

The right teacher recognizes student learning styles and abilities and builds lessons to skillfully teach each student, no matter the age, grade or playing level.

The right teacher will help you practice pieces and technique with fun, easy-to-use practice techniques you add to your own "tool-belt." You'll use these valuable techniques to learn easily and at your own pace. She will motivate you to practice. You'll set goals together.

  • You'll play with confidence and verve. You want the tone to have bottom

Practice slowly. Use the correct fingering and counting from the very start

  • Play the music you love. Don't feel like you have to play every piece in a method book either

Be sure you play with musical artistry that has been developed and honed by the right teacher

  • Technique-that is scales, triads, arpeggios, four-note chords, etc are valuable. A good teacher has strategies to learn technique quickly and uses games that are fun, so learning technique isn't a drag. When you learn your pieces there is carry-over and connection to the technique;you learn faster and technique makes sense

Talking to the right piano teacher should feel natural. You will learn proper hand positions, balance between right and left hand, how to use the pedal, and how to phrase.

Lessons should flow, and you should feel like your teacher is interested in you and your progress. She should make you feel your musical contributions are worthwhile.


  • Phrases need to move forward "with a beautiful curve" and a good teacher will guide you to know how to make your music inspiring to others

No one wants to sound "wimpy" on the piano even when playing very softly and the right teacher will instruct you how to produce the precise tone quality that is needed

  • Your teacher will give you background information about each composer whose music you are learning so that each piece takes its' place in music history. The correlations between the style, touch, playing of dynamics and ornaments, grace notes, trills, etc. of any given era can be understood more fully and played more accurately when you know how the people in those historical times lived and felt about their music.

Principles of Dedication and Discipline

  • The right teacher is dynamic, knowledgeable and has solid teaching experience

  • She will be able to successfully communicate her knowledge to her students

  • The right teacher will be open, share her musical experiences with her students.

  • Receiving constructive coaching and instruction from her will be a positive experience

  • A good teacher will be able to help you choose your piano or keyboard

  • The right teacher helps you play beautiful and powerful music that inspires and uplifts others!



The right teacher knows how to teach to the age, interests and personality of each student and she will ensure the longevity of the piano teaching experience.

She will safeguard the proper skill development of every student.